Pain and the Power is Jesus


Yesterday was one of those days. Pelvic floor injections (yeah, ouch!), so I have one more to go. Then onto my back issues.

I have never really been scared of needles, until I saw the one for my pelvic floor and back, and knew it would be painful. I have so many tattoos and never had a issues, but when you’re in a fibromyalgia flare, everything hurts. I made it through thanks to Jesus and my wonderful husband holding my hand.

Tuesday I found out of the results of my MRI and was rushed into the doctor. He showed me the images and you can see my disc actually leaking spinal fluid into my back. I knew it, I thought to myself. Degenerative Back Disease is horrible.

Through the last few years I have been asking myself constantly Why me God? What did I do to deserve this? But then I am reminded that the trials are all for a reason: to test our faith and to put our trust through Him. Satan loves to attack those who are sick when we are at our lowest, and that is when we must hold onto Jesus, stay in the Word, and continue to pray.

Unfortunately sickness and pain is part of the fall of man, and we can continue to question why me, but God has a much bigger picture than we can imagine. I know personally, when I  am in so much pain and depression sets in, its so easy to just curl up in bed, but what I should do and have started to do is pray and open up God’s word. Being chronically ill is when we must restore our relationship with Jesus Christ. He allows us to feel pain, especially if it brings us closer to Him.

Brothers and sisters in Christ. You are not alone. Our body’s may be sick, but have you put much thought into your personal relationship with Jesus Christ? He is always there to heal our hearts, and our broken relationship with Him. He loves us, and through accepting Him as your personal savior, He will hold your hand through all of the trials we must go through.

You got this. Just hand it over to Him and you will feel peace. I know I did.

2 thoughts on “Pain and the Power is Jesus”

    1. That’s so great. I am actually reading a book currently all about prayer by Chuck Smith. Prayer has been one thing I have had a hard time with, but I have seen the power of it, and many testimonies. Thank you friend. God is good.

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