I have recently discovered Twitter. Call me a old soul, but I was stuck with Facebook and Instagram and just recently decided to completely leave Facebook after we were reported for sharing a Bible verse and then they asked us to send identification because my husband and I had a shared profile. Um, no, so I went to Twitter with absolutely no idea what I was getting into.

First all all, you share a Bible verse in there and literally in a few seconds, someone will immediately attack you. It is easy to get upset and respond with harsh words (and I am guilty for that) but the best thing to do is pray before you respond. Second, what better way to share God’s word than on one of the biggest social media sites around.

Abortion is legal, sexuality is completely out of control, even what is being taught in schools is going completely against Christians. And many take their children and either homeschool them or put them into a private school. No wonder the kids of this generation are the way they are. I personally have my children in public school and they share God’s word. How else do we shine the light? And parents do have a big say. This world is going down fast and yet Christians are silent. NO MORE!!!!!! There are so many ways we can share God’s word: Social Media, just calling friends and asking how they are and pray for them, pray with your children before going on the bus or into the school. When we leave our church, we are then the worlds disciples, but we aren’t doing anything even close to Jesus’ disciples, and that’s why I am calling to all my brothers and sisters in Christ to take a stand.

I am honestly completely sitting on the edge of my seat because of this and am eager to start the movement where Christians can state their beliefs without being called a bigot. RELIGION IS OUR RIGHT, AND THAT INCLUDES CHRISTIANS.

Let’s stand up, and stand for God! #ChristiansHaveRightsToo LET’S SPREAD IT!

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