A Little About Me

My name is Shanell. I live up in the Panhandle of Idaho. I am married to (ready for a cliche?) my best friend and love of my life, Rick. We are a proud blended family and have 2 girls, Ayda who is 10 and Ashley who is 7.

I have a multitude of medical conditions: degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, endometriosis (which caused me to go into early menopause), severe atypical migraines, pelvic floor myalgia, intersticial cystitis, and some emotional health conditions like severe anxiety, PTSD with dissociative traits and chronic depression. I have allowed my medical conditions take over my life for far to long, until it seriously impacted my life and my families, and that’s when I knew I needed to return to God.

My God, family and church are what keeps me going. The power of prayer has proven that it can do anything to those who believe in Him. Even though I may be bed ridden most of the time, it is my desire, and I have been led to God to share my story to encourage others.

I have never really blogged before, and recently gave up Facebook, so I appreciate all of you who are following my story and supporting me, and always remember, no matter who you are, I am here for you and so is our Lord Jesus Christ.