Work in Progress

From the moment we are born until the moment we take our last breath, we are a work in progress. Our lives, our personalities, our relationships, our interests, all change throughout our lives. Just like a work of art starts off as a blank canvas and undergoes a colorful transformation – our lives undergo an inextricably similar process.

So to not have your entire life planned out in your mid twenties is totally fine! Shoot – I’m a 90’s kid turning thirty this year and I’m JUST NOW starting to figure out the definitive direction I’d like my life to go in. But there’s beauty in that! There’s a process that each one of us goes through. To discover who we are. To discover what we love. To discover what part of our world we want to convey to the world.

Our lives are a work of art, our voices are music that fills time, and the things we do with our lives are the color palette that changes as we go along. Along the way, there will be things that get in our way, hold us back, or deter us from our “main objective”. But just because you’ve shed light on them doesn’t mean they’re going to scatter away.

As most of you know, I deal with multiple chronic illnesses. Growing up, they definitely held me back. They were all consuming and took up a lot of my time and energy. Then came the years that I prayed God would heal me and take them away. Now let me be absolutely clear about something. God heals to. this. day. God has healed me of a couple medical issues and I LOVE to tell those stories. But there’s something that isn’t popular to talk about in most Christian circles. What happens when God doesn’t heal something? Sometimes God will move in a “yes” or “no” scenario. But sometimes God speaks into the “not yet”.

When you get a “not yet” from God, it’s not from a lack of faith. For the longest time, I got so frustrated and honestly sad when I didn’t get healing for something. But the more I’ve walked with God, the more He’s shown me the power of a “not yet”. Walking with God through a health issue creates a relationship and a dependency on God that is so pure, so strong, and so authentic. There aren’t words deep enough to describe it. Do I believe God can heal me? Beyond the shadow of a doubt I do! But until that day, I will use my life, my testimony, and my pain to encourage, uplift, and raise awareness.

I have BIG dreams in store for my future. Right now, in the season I’m in, I’m excited and hopeful for the future ahead of me. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there. I have no idea what the timeline or road ahead looks like. I’m probably going to fail and stumble a lot along the way. But every time I fail, I’m gonna learn something – either about myself or the journey I’m on.

From the moment we are born until the moment we take our last breath, we are a work in progress. There’s so much beauty in that. There’s so much grace in that. There’s a release of pressure in that. Where ever you find yourself today, take the time to acknowledge where you are in life. I promise you, you’ll be able to find something wonderful. Take the pressure off of yourself and rest in the moment you’re currently in. As a dear friend once told me, just take life “one stinkin’ little step at a time”.

I am cheering you on every step of the way.

With so much love,

Lauren K. ❤

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